Teach English in Liantang Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit covered the ways in which classrooms can be managed. Different ways of grouping the class as well as different seat orders within the classroom can drastically change the rapport between teacher and students, the general atmosphere, and the effectiveness of the lessons. Having students work individually makes them more self-reliant and can make it easier for the teacher to give students individual attention. Having students work as an entire group allows students to interact with each other, but it also creates more pressure for shy, introverted students. Having students work in pairs is a good way of having students interact with each other, yet not have to work completely on their own, thus reducing pressure. In terms of the classroom layout, rows of desks can be easy to manage and navigate for the teacher, but can also result in a very formal feel, and hinder communication and eye-contact between all the students. A horseshoe-shaped class makes the classroom feel less formal, and the teacher less dominant, and students and teacher can all see each other easily. Finally, teachers must be respected and show respect to their students in order to be taken seriously and lead the class. They should keep a good amount (not too much) eye-contact with students, not raise their voice unnecessarily, create order when there are problems, and be enthusiastic and fun, thus motivating the students.