Teach English in Lianmai Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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I learned about methodology techniques for teaching beginners. I also learned that there are different levels of beginner students and that the teacher must take that into consideration. When we teach beginners, we must be aware of student?s needs, try not to do too much too quickly. In addition, I learned how to solve possible problems and how to motivate the students. I learned about the fact that EFL has seen some large increases in demand for one-to-one lessons. individual lessons have a number of advantages such as highly motivated students, their needs can be clearly defined. The drawback is that most teachers comment about the loss of classroom dynamics; the teacher usually becomes the partner of the student. There are suitable activities for a class for individual lesson such as short stories and phrasal verbs. Further, I learned that in teaching children we have to be consistent , we cannot raise voice, and we can not threaten or inflict physical violence. I learned about a major advantage when you are teaching multilingual class. I learned about suitable activities when teaching individual, I learned about suitable techniques for teaching beginners. I learned that when teaching business English you don?t have to be expert in the business. The reasons for conducting needs analysis with a business English class such as getting each student to state what they use English for.