Teach English in Lecheng Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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When lesson planning, the teacher should use a combination of engage, study, and activate phases to create a fun, challenging, and ultimately effective way of learning course material. In the engage phase, planning is key, and the goal should be to encourage high student talk time and minimal teacher talk time. In the study phase, teachers want to introduce more rigid concepts, such as pronunciation, spelling, rules of usage, etc. Here is an opportunity for students to reflect and learn new information to apply later on. Once that new information has been conveyed, students can move on to the activate phase, where they will put this new information into context. This can involve student projects, such as producing stories or mock advertisements, role plays between students, and surveys/worksheets. Teachers can make corrections during the activate phase, but they should wait until students are finished speaking or presenting their work. Teachers need to be able to distinguish between mistakes, which are one-off slips, and errors, which tend to be more deeply ingrained. When assessing how to comment on and fix errors, teachers must consider how deeply ingrained the error is, whether it is affecting the entire class or an individual student, and if the mistake directly relates to the lesson being taught. Positive feedback should be the focus, and not every error needs to be corrected at the same time.