Teach English in Gushui Zhen - Zhaoqing Shi

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This unit gave us a overview about what makes a good teacher and what makes a good learner! We learned that both actions, and attitudes are very important for both parties. Teachers should be encouraging, kind patient, knowledgeable and able to respect and engage the learners. students should be excited to learn, make mistakes, and accept feedback. Learners come in all forms age, culture, gender will all play a role in how students perceive and manage classwork. Older students will generally be more motivated, and will have perceptions about school and can be nervous to learn a new language and make mistakes. Younger students will be more open and have less inhibition about making mistakes, but will sometimes lack motivation and can have more behavioral issues. There are cultural differences between society to society and teachers will have to aware of that society norms and values to not offend students. There are also levels of students abilities that range from beginning learners with 0 to a very basic understanding to students that are advanced and are learning about the more subtle rules of english. I have learned alot about different attitudes and factors that go into a person and their aptitude to learn. This was very interesting, and will make me more conscious and help me plan how to structure different lesson plans for different students, based on culture, age, ability, and language level.