Teach English in Yangqing Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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Unit 9 focused on teaching special groups. These groups include beginners, individual students, children, Business English or English for a specific purpose classes and monolingual and multilingual classes. There are different types of beginner students, those who have no English at all, those who have been exposed to the English language but have not retained much language, adult beginners, young beginners and the beginners without Roman alphabet. When teaching beginners, teachers should be aware of their student?s needs, encourage students to speak in class as much as possible and revise constantly. With teaching individual students, lessons are less formal and the teacher often became a partner to the student. Teaching children is one of the most rewarding classes because children have an innate curiosity and they are like sponges that soaks up information. It is often times difficult to teach business classes because of several factors for example, clients may be tired if their classes are after work and homework maybe difficult to complete due to pressures at work. In multilingual classes, students speak different languages and may only have the English language in common, this maybe a good thing as it forces them to communicate in English. Monolingual classes take place in the students? home country this can be an advantage as it will be easier for teachers to figure out what the students find interesting.