Teach English in Xingfu Nongchang - Zhanjiang Shi

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This unit examines the teaching on pronunciation and phonology that is how students should better master phonology and intonation in a statement. The rise and fall pattern of intonation is the normal one. This unit highlights the techniques for indicating and teaching intonation such as: nonsense words, by gesture, humming, or sing and the board.Also, this unit examines stress as another technique for teaching intonation which indicates the strong part in a sentence. Some five rules on stress have been examined which makes it easier for stress on the last syllable, stress on penultimate for learners to learn the correct part of words to stress, Equally techniques for indicating and teaching stress have been given such as contrastive stress, by gesture, choral work, the board stress marks , sound joining linked speech.In learning pronunciation, articulation have been examined in a detail manner we are made to understand where articulation takes place which includes: the tongue, the larynx, the glottis, the alveolar ridge, the hard palate, the soft pate, also the manner of articulation involves plosive, fricative Nasal, lateral, Affricate, Approximant. Techniques for teaching pronunciation of individual sounds have been examined also which include: peer dictation, your own mouth, visuals, phonemes, tongue twisters. it also help teachers to know when to teach pronunciation. All these techniques have benefited me a great deal.