Teach English in Tangzhui Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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I always held that English was one of the most difficult languages to learn, let alone to get it up to native. But that the future tense system should be so complex, might come as a big surprise even to the unaware, complacent native speaker who too often takes English for granted. Matter of fact, I owe this unit for helping me to dot the i's on this or that \"WiLL\" and cross the t's on this or that \"going tO\". This class definitely honed my awareness and understanding of the language I love most. And how I dig them good ole' pop songs featured as teaching aids. Well, my beloved English, The fairest, fairest of them all! Will I still love you tomorrow, When Autumn leaves will start to fall And I, in the sunset's afterglow, Dotty and grayish, Shall, make or break, Be snuffing out, the give or take Sixty-four candles on my cake? YES! And I shall be telling this with a smile, Somewhere ages and ages hence, How this helped students, who tense for a while, Boldly crossed the Grammar in style And turned into English's lifelong friends. And THIS U8 will have made all the difference.