Teach English in Qingping Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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The relationship between students and teachers goes far beyond the pedagogical relationship. In the first place, it is a relationship between two people with all that it implies in terms of joys and difficulties. A positive (warm, supportive and non-confrontational) relationship between these two people has an impact both on the quality of the students' academic experience, their academic motivation and the lessening of indiscipline and on the professional experience of the teachers. I believe that teachers' job satisfaction is fairly related to the quality of their relationships with students. Like any relationship, both parties may experience difficulties caused by the attitudes and behaviors of learners as well as those of the teacher. However, teachers do not have absolute control over the quality of the relationship. Nevertheless, by their position, they have the power to maintain a privileged relationship with young learners. In fact, few people have such a great ability to know and exert a positive influence on the most vulnerable students. Teachers are too unaware of the power given to them: More often than not teachers underestimate the effect of their person and overestimate the transmission of their knowledge. Many young learners (including myself) can relate to how much a former teacher has changed the trajectory of their existence by a simple attitude or a sentence, harmless for the adult but shocking for the little one.