Teach English in Longmen Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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This unit covers the various types of roles and duties of a teacher, and also provides an overview of the types of learners, levels of fluency, and qualities necessary for an effective and productive classroom. One note I have made in particular is that of being careful to pay attention to which role is necessary to take on as a teacher, and when. If you are too concentrated on one role, let's say it is that of a participant in class activities, you risk the ability to pay attention to all the students in the class, to monitor individuals' progress, and the chance to provide feedback during an activity. I learned that it is equally important to familiarize yourself with the level of proficiency of each individual student, as well as with the classroom culture and learned experiences that your students may have been used to in previous classrooms or cultural settings. To increase motivation and ensure that students feel comfortable, it is also the teacher's role to understand cultural norms and expectations of the student-teacher relationship and classroom social composition. That said, with this knowledge, we should encourage students to be vocal and to participate in class in order to maximize their experience and learning in the class. I believe that the important qualities in a teacher are that of flexibility and patience, passion, and kindness towards students. Students' progress will be affected in-large by the quality of their teacher.