Teach English in Liangtong Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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Unit fifteen covered the various tests taken by students studying English as a foreign language. It began by breaking down these types of tests into five categories: Placement Test, Progress Test, Diagnostic Test, Practice Test, and External Examination. I learned the difference between all five and at what different times each test is appropriate. For example, this unit taught me that before entering a class, the student would take a placement test to decide his or her language level, but that this type of test is not the same as a diagnostic test which can be given by the teacher before commencing a new lesson to gauge how proficient the students are with material previously learned and material about to be covered. The hit went on to lay out the many different types of external exams students can take, and it differentiated them not only by the country they are specifically used in and the language abilities they test, but also by the particular necessary function they pose to the students. For example, the ESOL skills for life and the business skills tests are designed with specifics in mind, keeping the test of language ability more honed to particular skill sets that require certain degrees of language proficiency. It was informative and interesting to learn that the TOEFL, which already covered a wide array of language abilities (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and listening) has recently added speaking to its areas of testing.