Teach English in Jishui Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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Effective teaching techniques require a teacher to be familiar with his/her teaching materials and a good amount of preparation should go into learning how to use each of the materials and finding the optimal use of each of them. Certain Teaching aids like computers, videos and over-head projectors are able to hold a students attention more but are typically difficult to set up or unreliable at times. It is advisable to keep back-up lesson plans in the event of faulty equipment. Using standard board work, be it a chalk-based black board or a white board, should be done clearly and neatly while keeping in mind the size of the classroom and the seating arrangements. Board work should be planned well before class so as to maximize the space with the correct information needed for the students. Highlighting important areas of the lesson such as grammar points can be done effectively with underlining, circling or multiple colours. Capitalizing the text on a board is less effective. A good dictionary, particularly an English- English dictionary (for higher level learners) is very effective at allowing students to learn language points themselves and is more effective at enabling students to remember vocabulary as well as getting them to take pride in their own achievements after discovering information for themselves. Multiple online sources are effective at providing authentic native English to students of English and make learning more interesting.