Teach English in JiAnghong Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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There are five main conditionals: Zero conditional: Form: if/when +present tense, present tense Usage: It refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable. You can use 'if' or 'when' with no change in meaning.' First conditional: Form: if+ present simple, will( may, might, can, should, must) Usage: this talks about a 'real' situation in the future that is possible, probable or even certain, once the condition has been satisfied. Second conditional: Form: if + past simple, would/ could/ might + base form Usage: Communicates a present or future 'unreal', hypothetical situation that is presently not sure and is unlikely ever to be true. Third conditional: Form: if + past perfect, would/ could/ might+ have + past participle Usage: Refers to a hypothetical past action and the hypothetical past consequence/ result. Mixed conditional: From: if + past perfect, would + base form Usage: the mix refers to a hypothetical past action or state, and the hypothetical present consequence. Teaching ideas: split sentences; complete the conditional; chain conditionals; what a question; nuclear bunker role play; what would happen if. Reported speech & direct speech verb tenses, pronouns, time expression Teaching ideas: Intermediaries, Reporting verbs and media interviews.