Teach English in Heliao Zhen - Zhanjiang Shi

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This unit discussed the evaluation of learners through a number of different tests. I learned that the different types of tests that can be given to learners are practice, placement, progress, diagnostic and external examinations. Placement tests are used to grade learners on their proficiency in English in order to group them appropriately. Diagnostic tests are similar and are also generally used at the start of a course to learn what the students know and don't know and where the lessons should focus in the future. Progress tests are used to see how much the students have learnt and retained throughout the lessons, and these can be given as the teacher sees fit. Practice tests are usually used in preparation for external examinations, which are useful for career prospects or university or school entrance in English speaking countries because they often provide internationally recognised certificates for learners to show their proficiency in English. Some examples of these external examinations of TOEFL- or Test of English as a Foreign Language, or the Cambridge examinations which have a number of examinations for different uses and levels such as the Certifications for ESOL Skills for Life which are for immigrants that have moved to Britain from non English speaking countries. This unit was useful in that it showed me how there are a number of uses for tests as well as highlighting the external examinations that my future learners may need to take.