Teach English in Haitou Jiedao - Zhanjiang Shi

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Tutorials, student evaluations, and tests are ways to asses a student?s language level. Tutorials are good for communicating with students on how the class is doing. Evaluation is another great way since it encourages genuine interaction and allows the teacher to be more aware of how the class feels. Tests on the other hand are the main method for assessing languages. There are many types of tests. At the beginning of the course, placement and diagnostic tests are usually given to assess previous knowledge. As the course continues, progress tests are given out to encourage students to review and revise. However, this method is sometimes unpopular since it seems to be a test of memory rather than knowledge. Practice tests is another form of test that students prefer to know what to expect from upcoming formal tests. This unit introduced me to the external tests that a lot of institutes use. TOEFL is an American English exam that most US universities use for admission purposes. Another test used is the IELTS, ideal for students that need to study or work where English is the main language. The TOEIC is the most widely recognized test for work-place English and is very extensive. Some students also refer to the Cambridge Assessment which has exams in multiple categories. They have general English exams for different levels of students ranging from elementary to advanced. They also have exams specific for business purposes and ?life skills.?