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This unit is a coverage of some of the most common probllem situations that a first-time or inexperienced teacher may face in the classroom, and suggested working solutions. Such situations may well include, but surely not limited to the following: -Dealing with new a group -Starter/warmers -Dealing with a mixed ability class -Dealing with large groups -When students find it difficult to understand the listening track -Dealing with reluctant students Below is going to be a brief solution to the above situation, though I might not be able to cover all the important details. Dealing with a new group: A new group could comprise either of absolutely new students assigned to you, or a group you have previously taught, perhaps just taking them to another level. The real problem would be with the group of absolutely new students. Because the students may have never met with the teacher and with one another before, it would be appropriate to instead of starting off with the course book, use the first lesson for the followin: -Establish rapport with the class as well as students with one another. It is a process that will reveal a lot of information that will you the teacher to understand needs and plan your course and lessons appropriately. Example activities for achieving these may incllude: throw the ball, \"tell us about\" game, questionaire, needs analysis, etc. Warmer: warmers are imperative because they are meant to stimulate the mind of the students and tune them in to English before the lesson can properly begin. It may ensure a natural flow of understanding on the part of the students. Example activities for this would include: Hang man tongue twisers pictionary memory game etc Dealing a mixed ability group: It is a common classroom situation. Even a group of equally ability might becomed gapped because there will always be fast and slow learners. Solutions to such a situation may include: Using diferent materials with the stronger and weaker students Using the same material but assigning the more difficult tasks to the stronger student and easier ones to weaker students Pair stronger students with the weaker ones bu ensuring the weaker ones arent overhadowed during task completions and controlloed work. Dealing with a large group. Some solutions to achieve proper class management and effective lessons with larger groups may include: Using pair/group group Choral drilling Assigning group leaders Use worksheets Be audible in speech and clear in board work Strict discipline might not work. Use the more likely high class dynamic to your advantage. Difficulties in listening. Pre-teach potentially difficult vocabulary Make sure the sound system produce normal pitch and loud-enough volume Play the audio as many times as possible and unless students still find the audio too difficult can you resolve to handing out the script. And almost conclusively, there will almost always be students who are reluctant to study. It should a required quality as a teaching to inspire your students. For such students, the following could be recommended: Pair work; involve them in role-plays, carry out clear controlled work, you could even use tape recorder to later study them for error correction later on.