Teach English in NijiAying Zhen - Zhangye Shi

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What I learnt from unit 17 is about the explanation of using the equipment and teaching aids in the classroom. There are many different teaching aids that can be used to make lesson more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. As a teacher I will try to explain the use and meaning of each of the equipment that could be meaningful for aid in teaching. First is the overhead projector (OHP) that could be used for gaining students? attention and cut down time necessary for writing on the board. OHP can also be use for timed reading, gap-fill exercises and enable teacher to keep lessons on file and reuse from time to time as well as to model grammars and vocabularies. Teacher can use the help of visual aids (real objects, pictures and photos) that could illustrate the meaning of the objects in order to keep lessons interesting and interactive. I would use visuals for presenting vocabularies, stimulating discussions, eliciting language vocabularies and playing communication games. For another equipment ideas for the teacher is by using the worksheets and work card for use in following activities: To write my own exercises with authentic material, to organize a class role play activities, To give the teacher a good idea on where students are doing perfectly well as well as where they are not performing great such as in Reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary etc. This will perhaps give the teacher the best clue on where to focus attention. For using the cassette recorder, it will enables the students to listen and hear different language dialect. It will help the listening and process the meaning of the language. Teacher and students can also used video camera to record their role plays or any group activities or project. It would help for analysis and discussion. The most common equipment that teacher and students can definitely use is the computer. It will help the teacher to make lesson presentations with graphics and design functions, typing in word processor, email communications play games during engage phase, and watch interactive movies and many more useful ideas. The disadvantages of using computer too often can also become rather uncommunicative, and will lose impact and effectiveness in the classroom. Another equipment for helping in learning language is by using the?old school? way which is a dictionary. It will enable students to have a self-learning (by searching for words, how to use the English grammar and vocabularies). I would feed the students with various words and have them search for the meaning, usage and type of speech from the dictionary. Another useful learning materials is by the course book that every students should have. I will make sure that the course books is suitable and the correct book while learning throughout the lesson, because it a basic supplement that can use in the class for all semester. Another type of teaching aids that definitely will help teacher and students by using it either in the classroom or after class, might be: using photocopiers, check about literature or poetry, access the media from cellphone or television. Hopefully by using the equipment and teaching aids, it could help both teacher and student in gain understanding and knowledge in learning English, create interest and motivations and build better communication between the teacher and the students.