Teach English in Minlian Zhen - Zhangye Shi

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This unit focuses on course book and lesson materials. This can be divided in to two groups. ? Authentic materials .This types of materials should be carefully selected. Anything a native speaker would hear read can be described as authentic. Reasons why used authentic materials ? They are real and therefore more interesting and motivating ? students gain confident when there understand them ? they can be geared to the interests of a particular group of students ? Created materials. These are usually designed by the teacher to replace or supplement materials from a course book. Some common created materials includes , ? crosswords ? word search puzzles ? role play cards ? flash cards ? gap fill activities ? picture stories Course books: course books usually consist of a set of materials such as-: ? students book ? work book ? cassettes ? teachers books ? videos Other published materials includes, reading books, graded to varying levels of student, text books , learners dictionaries, vocabulary, flash cards. ADVANTAGES OF COURCE BOOKS ? It is usually expected by the students ? It is considered easier and less time consuming to supplement than to design a syllable and create materials from scratch. ? it provide a syllable which is graded to a level suitable for the students ? it provide security for students and teachers alike ? it normally provide a balanced mixed of grammar, vocabulary and skill work ? it offers continuity and progression ? it is usually attractive and appealing to the eye ? the teachers book offers many good ideas for experienced teachers DISADVANTAGES OF COURSE BOOK ? It does not always fit the specific needs and interests of all the class members ? the students may not like the book and might be reluctant to use it ? a course book is almost always a compromise ? teachers rarely get to choose the course book and many can be outdated and unattractive to your students BEST USES OF COURSE BOOKS ? If you have the choice of course books, look at a range that could be used for your group which is the most suitable. ? do not use the course book for the whole lesson ? don?t base all lessons around the course book ? explore ways to match the book to the need of the student OPTION FOR COURSE BOOK USE ? Omit- Teachers may decide to omit irrelevant lessons from the course book ? Replace ?instead of omitting unsuitable materials ,the teacher may choose to replace it ? supplement ? At time , a teacher may want to add extra material to the course book ? Adapt ? this is where the teacher will use the same basic material but in his or her own way and style. ANALYZING A COURSE BOOK If a teacher is fortunate enough to be able to choose the course book for a particular class, he or she will probably need to analyze and consider the following factors-: ? price ? availability ? design ? skills ? difficulty ? syllables ? topic ? teachers guide After reading through this unit, I have learn the reason why we use course book ,what a course book consist of, advantages and disadvantages of course book and some factors taken into consideration when analyzing a course book