Teach English in Yuncheng Jiedao - Yunfu Shi

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This short unit covered some of the different techniques of teaching new language to students. First it focused on how to teach vocabulary to your students. Students should understand the meaning, usage, pronunciation, grammatical use with their selected new vocabulary. Vocabulary can be difficult or easy to learn to students because of various reasons, such as their previous knowledge, similarities to their language, similarities to other words they know, and etc. In order to teach new vocabulary effectively in the engage phase you can use realia, mime new words, use pictures to relate meanings and etc. The study phase, you can use gap fill activities, focus on pronunciation and corrections. The activate phase would be a good chance to role play or use story building activities. Teaching new grammar can depend on the class, but you usually want your students to understand the meaning, usage, various forms and structures, and the differences between their written and spoken forms. The engage phase can be started with a discussion, or even a story to prompt the new structures. The study phase should have more focused learning on the the grammar structure. There should be rearrangement or words, in depth looks and the grammar in use in reading and listening activities. The activate phase could be a debate or maybe some role play activities. Finally teaching new language such as inviting, agreeing or suggesting, should be used in patchwork or boomerang lesson plans.