Teach English in Shicheng Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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Unit 11 Teaching receptive skills In this unit I've learnt that there are four basic skills in language: Receptive skill- reading and listening Productive skill- speaking and writingreason and motives to read or listen can be categorised: Purpose- to achieve particular aim or goal such as read or listen to instruction for new equipment or for entertainment such as reading novel or listen to a joke. Sometimes when we read or listen, we understand not just from the text we read or form words we heard but also from pre-exited knowledge, something that we knew already before we read or listen, to understand. When we teach receptive skills, there are several effective ways or approach: Pre-teach vocab- teach vocab before they read or listen so they know the difficult or important word in that context. But not to over-teach. It is also important for them to understand context without knowing every single words. Careful selection of materials- variety of authentic and non-authentic texts. Authentic texts such as newspaper, reports, magazine articles etc. Advantage of using authentic texts are exposure to real language or can be relate more to students' needs. Non-authentic texts such as video, cd, dictionary, grammar book, workbook it is easier and understandable. Probably suitable for beginners to buil-up confidence and comprehension level for them before move-on to authentic text. Help them improve and expand what they know rather than focus on how much they don't know.