Teach English in LongwAn Zhen - Yunfu Shi

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I have learnt that an Engage, Study, and Activate way of teaching has proven to be the most successful. And that any given class must start with an engage phase and end with an activate phase. The engage phase is used to warm the students into the class through discussion and prompting; using things such as drawings or partner share. The study phase focuses on language and language construction. In the study phase, it is important to elicit as much information from the students first in order to have an understanding of what the students already know. The information from the students would be the basis of my board work. In the study phase, there should be a presentation of a new language point, this new language should also be drilled to ensure pronunciation if necessary. After the language point is introduced the students practice the new language point through various activities such as worksheets. Student talk time should be kept high in the engage stage as well as the activate stage. During the activate stage fluency and communication is far more important than accuracy. Giving feedback is extremely vital and this unit has given me the information necessary in order for me to provide positive and productive feedback. The unit has taught me a lot about the structure of any given class I'd be teaching and has provided me with many ideas for what to do in each phase. It has given me the groundwork to be free, creative, and productive in any given phase of an ESA lesson.