Teach English in Xinqing Zhen - Wuzhou Shi

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in Unit 9, we learn about books and materials. I agree with term that course books are very emotive issue for many teachers. Some of them swear by them while the other teachers don't want to work with them. These materials can be divided into 2 groups. Authentic materials - anything that a native speaker would hear or read can be described as authentic such as programs, magazines, radio, newspaper, poems and even songs. The advantages of authentic materials is that they are real and therefore more interesting, students feel confident when they can understand and it can capture a bunch of students interest. Secondly, we have created materials - usually designed by a teacher to replace or supplement materials from a course book such as crosswords, word search puzzles, picture stories and flashcards. These activities can help students boost up their interest and get creative with learning. Both of them have their pros and cons but it depends on the teacher and the students. The teacher can see what kind of audience she has and therefore can decide what is the most suitable material for the class. Mix and match is always a good solution.