Teach English in Shuiwen Zhen - Wuzhou Shi

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This unit was the last grammar unit and focused on modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Modal auxiliary verbs are used for a variety of purposes including obligation, possibility, permission, ability, and advice. The examination of the passive voice revealed that it is used primarily when the object is stressed when the action and object are more important than the actor. Clauses were reviewed with an emphasis on relative clauses. A relative clause is a clause that modifies a noun, its also known as an adjective clause because of its role in modifying a noun. There are two types of relative clauses, defining and non defining. In non defining relative clauses, the information is adding something but is not necessary to understanding the sentence, in defining relative clauses, the information is vital to the sentence and is not separated by commas. Phrasal verbs were the last subject dealt with. Phrasal verbs are verbs with one or two participles added that act as a single item. There are three varieties of phrasal verbs intransitive phrasal verbs, transitive separable and transitive inseparable.