Teach English in Shiqiao Zhen - Wuzhou Shi

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I really like this unit on Teaching Productive Skills. I have focused heavily on writing skills with my students, and not as much on speaking skills. I think remembering that students need to see a purpose in communicating is helpful when planning a lesson focused on speaking and writing. I think the differentiation between accuracy and fluency activities is crucial to encouraging speaking and writing that is comprehensible, and yet, fun and creative. The suggestions for activities, ranging from controlled to creative, gave me a great base for how to approach both accuracy and fluency. I also thought it was beneficial to learn about how to encourage interaction from students, for this is the basis of improving speaking skills. I have spent much of my lessons working on writing skills. I think sometimes I focus too heavily on punctuation and spelling, rather than encouraging more creative thinking. I do think the structure and usage of writing are paramount to becoming fluent in a language, however, I will incorporate looser activities into my teaching. I think creative writing allows for more room for error and facilitates confidence.