Teach English in Langnan Zhen - Wuzhou Shi

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This Unit considers the issue of teaching productive skills - speaking and writing - to EFL students. It is divided into three parts. The 'speaking skills' part includes information about the difference between accuracy and fluency activities, which of the two is more important, 3 types of classroom speaking activities, reasons why students may not be willing to participate in speaking activities and how to solve this problem, techniques that may help encourage interaction, guidelines for a proper creative speaking activity lesson and a lesson plan sample. The 'writing skills' part goes into similarities and differences between speaking and writing, with a lesson plan sample at the end. The 'games in the classroom' part dwells upon the role and importance of games in the teaching process and refers the reader to a full list of classroom games with Internet links. This Unit has encouraged me to video record classroom speaking activities in order to play them back for discussion. I am convinced that records will produce a powerful impact on students' performance and self-evaluation. I have also learnt a bunch of new games for the classroom.