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This unit focuses on the Future tense. It is the most complex area of the English Language. We have seven tenses involved. They include; 1. The Future Simple Tense Affirmative - I will/ I shall Negative ? I will not / shall not Question ? shall i? / will I ? Usages - Future facts and certainties . example, He?ll be 28 in July - Promises . example, I?ll put the check in the post - Predictions ( based on no present evidence) It?ll rain before morning - Assumptions or speculations. Example, what will happen in next weeks episode? - Spontaneous decisions ( contrast with ?be going to? for planned decision - Threads . examples, You?d better go or I?ll hit you Teaching ideas - Fortune telling / palm ? reading - With present simple in time clauses - Going on a holiday or lost in a desert - Winning the lottery. What will you do? 2. Future Continuous Subject + will + be + verb + ing ( present participle) Examples; Affirmative ? We?ll be waiting for you Negative ? I won?t be wearing a dress Questions - W?ll you be holding a red rose Usages - To say that something will be in progress at a particular moment in the future - To predict the present to say what we think or guess might be happening now. - For polite inquiries referring to referring to other peoples plans, but not to influence the learners intentions. - To refer to future events which are fixed or decided( without suggesting personal intentions. Teaching idea - Arranging diaries/ dates - Illustrative situations 3. Future Perfect Will + have + past participle Example; Affirmative - I will have worked here for 2 years Question - Will you have worked? Negative - She will not have worked Usage The Future Perfect Tense tense is used to say that something will have been done, completed or achieved by a certain time in the future. Teaching ideas - Fill in future diaries and elicit questions in the future perfect - Invention of an extremely successful future career - Choose a famous historical personage and note down important dates in his/her life. 4. Future Perfect Continues Will + have + been + verb + ing Affirmative ? I will have been working for seven years Negative ? I will not have been working Question ? will you have been working? Usage We can use the Future perfect continuous to say how long something will have continues by a certain time. Teaching idea How long will you have been learning English/ work / going to school/ leaving in your present house 5. Be going + infinitive ( going to future )tense Verb to be in the present, + going to, + base form verb Examples ? Affirmative ? I am going to play football next week Negative - I am not going to play football next week Question - Are you going to play football next week? Usage - Intentions - Predictions based on present evidence - Plans Teaching ideas - Making holiday/ birthday party plans - Going to game - Itinerary from a courier - Making predictions based on evidence . 6. Present Simple Usage - To suggest a more formal situation - For timetables and schedules - To suggest a more impersonal tone Teaching ideas Compiling or sharing information from airport or railway schedules. 7. Present Continuous Usage - For definite arrangements - For decision and plans without a time frame Teaching idea - Diaries / schedules - Role-play I have personally learnt the different tense involved in the Future tense. I have also learnt how and when they can be used.