Teach English in Wuhu Shi

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Teach English in Dongmen Jiedao, Wuhu Shi
Within unit 10 we have learnt about the correct ways in which to evaluate the students, which tests to use at the appropriate times, and the different governing bodies of external examinations
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Teach English in Dougou Zhen, Wuhu Shi
This unit had useful ideas on activate stage teaching methodologies that help students to understand the past tenses such as story telling, asking another what he was doing yesterday at say 10 am , discussing diaries and carrying out interviews in which people give details of their achievements
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Teach English in erba Zhen, Wuhu Shi
Although I like the use of all levels of testing, I know from experience, that students can find it extremely intimidating and stressful
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Teach English in Fanyang Zhen, Wuhu Shi
I learnt the fundamentals of establishing rapport, letting students correct each other, using pair work often and personalising activities to allow students to learn more effectively
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Teach English in Fudu Zhen, Wuhu Shi
This unit helps explain the classroom environment and the other aspects in the classroom that can influence the effective of the lessons
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Teach English in GAogou Zhen, Wuhu Shi
This unit is about lesson plans, it talks about why we use lesson plans, what should be included, what it should not be (ie a script), and how to best utilize them
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Teach English in Hedian Zhen, Wuhu Shi
This unit is very interesting because it explains and gives examples of how we should or could introduce a topic for discussion but still captivating the students interest
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