Teach English in Daping Dongzu TǔjiAzu Miaozu XiAng - Tongren Shi

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Unit 17 discusses how the use of equipment and teaching aids could enhance an english lesson. Equipment such as a board [interactive or not], an overhead projector, a variety of visual aids, worksheets, cassette recorders, CD/DVD players, video cameras can be used to engage the students throughout the lessons. Dictionaries, course books and other resource books are great for use as supplemental to your lesson. Photocopiers are necessary for copying materials that are not included in the course books. If a school can afford a computer, the students could be able to use it to email and practice communications with english speakers around the world, as well as reference tools, word processors, to watch or listen to videos/podcasts and to access the internet. There are many online resources; online dictionaries, Youtube, online learning materials and other media.