Teach English in Changbao Zhen - Tongren Shi

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Things to take into account when writing on the whiteboard, I didn't know already: -Try to section off the board -Use different colours and other ways of highlighting language points (capital letters are not a good idea) -Erase what is no longer needed -Involve the students in the writing process OHP -Teacher can put several OHTs on top of each other to show different layout patterns -A good tool for feedback after written exercises -Might be hard to set up The use of a video camera can be very useful. Not only for the sake of feedback, also for students to use for an activity or project. As I and most of my students will have a smartphone this is a tool that would be available to use I haven't thought of before. Dictionaries are good to have in the classroom for students to use and for both teachers and students there are tons of information on the internet.