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Classroom ManagementClassroom management requires taking into account a number of different factors to ensure the smooth running of a lesson. It can also include methods to help maintain discipline and prevent bad behaviour. Each school has its own set of rules and regulations that the students must follow whilst on premises. These rules are important as they establish boundaries and a code of conduct that everyone must adhere to and teachers can use these rules to build upon within their own classroom. There are many different approaches to classroom management. These approaches address issues such as how to identify and deal with behavioural issues, how to create a positive learning environment, how to promote good behaviour and a variety of motivational techniques. Some are more old-fashioned than others, particularly concerning discipline, but it is useful to have different methods to try when other methods don?t work. It is crucial to try and develop a positive learning environment as behavioural problems are often reduced or even controlled as a result, and students are far more receptive and stimulated when they are happy! Good classroom management involves establishing a clear set of rules regarding expectations of behaviour, learning and effort. This can only be achieved, however, if the teacher is consistent and fair when implementing these rules otherwise the rules will lose their effectiveness. A teacher plays a big role in how effectively their classroom functions by ensuring that they themselves are organised, prepared, punctual and are able to demonstrate a certain amount of flexibility. The idea is not to run a boot camp! Rather, the teacher is there to inspire confidence and find ways to nurture a desire to learn in their students. Behavioural problems usually arise when standards have failed to be properly established at the beginning and once control in a classroom has been lost, it is very difficult to regain again. Developing a relationship based on mutual respect is very beneficial to creating a positive environment. Recent approaches suggest that when students are encouraged to provide input when creating classroom rules, identifying good and bad behaviours and deciding how to deal with such problems if they do arise, they are more likely to respect the boundaries set. Maintaining consistency is vital when dealing with any issues that arise in a classroom. Poor classroom management is usually a result of a lack of preparation, organisation, flexibility and/or consistency on the part of the teacher. Common problems include too much focus being placed on maintaining order, resulting in the students losing interest in the lesson. A teacher who is inconsistent in regards to behavioural expectations will also be inconsistent with the consequences they deal out which is something students will not respond well to. Behavioural problems can also become an issue when the teacher is not correctly identifying and addressing the reasons behind the behaviour. Pin pointing these reasons mean that they can be addressed and behaviour corrected! Overall, successful classroom management is achieved through a combination of the efforts of both the teacher and the students. If a classroom is not being managed well, it will be apparent not only in behaviour but in the relationship that students have with their teacher. Good classroom management, in order to be achieved in the long term, is something that must be maintained in a realistic and consistent fashion.