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Teach English in Baijian Zhen, Tianjin
Why Complete a TEFL courseWhen thinking about what you want to do with your life teaching must be one of the most rewarding jobs that one can do
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Teach English in BAlitai Zhen, Tianjin
Problems for Learners in ItalyWhile scholastic literature on the specific linguistic challenges for Italians learning english does not appear to be readily available, there are key issues which emerge for those with experience teaching english in italy, particularly when italian is also known
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Teach English in BAmencheng Zhen, Tianjin
online tefl courses versus Onsite TEFL coursesWhen I elected to study for my tefl certification online, I was unaware that I was about to embark on a completely new learning experience
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Teach English in Baodi Qu, Tianjin
Motivating StudentsThe ability to motivate students is one of the cornerstones of the teaching process when a student is correctly motivated they become more engaged and receptive to the learning process while an unmotivated student will be resistant to learning and may in fact hinder other students ability to learn
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Teach English in BeicAng Zhen, Tianjin
Problems for learners in Guadalupe english language learners (ELLs) face a wide array of difficulties, even when learning in the united states
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Teach English in Beihuaidian Zhen, Tianjin
Discipline in the CLassroomDiscipline in a classroom can be a serious problem when kids are misbehaving teachers deal with this in different ways like it is far more common for a teacher to eject a misbehaving student from the classroom in hopes of maintaining order
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Teach English in Beitang Jiedao, Tianjin
Motivating studentsNo matter how enthusiastic students may be about being in a class and learning the subject, motivating them is almost as important as the content of the class
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Teach English in CaigongzhuAng Zhen, Tianjin
Pronunciation Problems in KoreaThe often puzzling pronunciation that is encountered when speaking english with a Korean national can be a source of frustration or amusement depending on the occasion
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Teach English in Caozili Zhen, Tianjin
Things I wish I would have known before starting the courseAs a native english speaker, I thought I had a good understanding of the english language
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Teach English in Changhong Jiedao, Tianjin
Problems for Learners in JordanIn the midst of constant conflict in the Middle East, Jordan is a small country eagerly striving to maintain peace and prosperity
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