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business englishBusiness english is sought after by many professionals around the world because most businesses do business in english. Business is the act of buying and selling. These transactions are either business to business or business to consumer. During these sales processes or business cycles the use of the english language is inevitable. Executives and students throughout the world know the importance and impact the language has on their daily lives. With globalization luring upon us, effective communication will be a key factor in how well the whole world integrates and for that reason studies and statistics find that the english language is a key element of that integration. First, business english is recognized as the most international language. In every single place in the world there is bound to be a manual or set of instructions in english, for example, in airplanes. Also, throughout the world there are American companies that have menus in english a clear example of this is McDonalds and Coca Cola. Their products are purchased throughout the world. Second, three of the power house economies in the world are: usa, UK, and Australia. These countries enforce english. Any citizen or resident of these countries knows that there are greater chances of prosperity because they know english. english dominates their daily lives in all aspects. Immigrants considering the option of living in one of these three countries have to learn the language in order to become fully embedded residents or citizens. All government issues and financial issues are dealt with in english and therefore learning new laws, economics, and keeping up with the news can only be done in these countries? native tongue. Finally, english is used everywhere from Hollywood to all types of media. Thousands of movies, books, commercials, and more are played in televisions for the world to see. There is a statistic online on the website www.articlebase.com ? Why is Business english so Important?? article that states that broadcasting companies like CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, and CBC are watched by millions and millions throughout the world. These companies are five of the largest broadcasting networks in the world. The same holds true for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount Studios, and more. Entertainment and news go hand in hand in our daily lives because we live in story and when meeting someone new we talk about current events or we try to find similarities to further enhance and enrich our relationship. english is our common ground. Imagine if during a business negotiation you are asked by a potential client about the U.S. Open and how Roger Federer did and you aren?t aware of there even being a yearly tennis event in New York named the U.S. Open. The prospect might feel that that you have been living under a rock for centuries. There is lots of attentions on these two elements; news and entertainment, and they are fed to us in english so it is obvious that we need to learn english to communicate day to day stories with people we meet. In conclusion, keeping up with today?s times can only be done if people make it a point to practice english daily. There are many companies from the USA that have international presence and to them doing business in english is an essential part of how they can keep on prospering. Whether people don?t like to speak the language or don?t like the sound of it, that is a different story, but the mere recognition that english is for the whole world a common playground is undeniable. Either you are in or you are out.