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Discipline in the ClassroomDiscipline in a classroom is pivotal. If there is lack of structure and focus, a class will never respect the lesson or the teacher. It is important that a teacher establishes focus, direction, maintains fairness, and control to instill good learning in a classroom. A teacher must always be prepared. It is very important that a precedent be set, and a teacher work hard towards maintaining manners and obedience in a classroom. Respect is of utmost importance. It is very important to have focus and direction in a classroom. Students need to be made aware when a lesson is beginning, and when it is time to settle down. It is important to instill a sense of discipline so when the teacher says its time to quiet down, students should not decide to continue conversations or challenge the teacher. If a teacher speaks above them or ignores students having conversations, the students will find it adequate to continue their noise. It can often be pointless to actually raise your voice, as it is counter-productive. Some teachers, who have calmer and softer voices, actually have calmer and quieter classrooms. It is very important that a teacher have a focused stance so that students also understand the important of direction and attention in a classroom. It is important to be fair in a classroom. Students have a keen sense of what is fair and what is not. A teacher must always act fairly if you expect to be respected in a classroom. All students need to be treated equally. Students should also be treated with respect. Even if a student is misbehaving it is important that a teacher not pin point out the student or make them feel like an outcast. A student should not have to feel humiliated in a classroom. A classroom should be used to build self-esteem, not break it down. Along with fairness and respect, a teacher should also always make sure that he or she is consistent in his behavior. In order to maintain respect this is of utmost importance. It is important to always be prepared for class. A teacher should always ?overplan? incase there is ever free time. Free time is something that should always be avoided. Students should not be allowed free time as it sets a bad impression on the view of academics. Students are in school to study and educate themselves, not to have free time. It is important to have additional activities prepared. If students can see that you are consistent in your planning and serious about education, they too will take you seriously. It is important to have an outline ready for every lesson. It is important for a teacher to have direction, fairness and always be prepared for a class. It is pivotal that a student maintains respect for a teacher and in turn maintains proper decorum in the classroom. If a student loses respect for a teacher, it will become hard for a teacher to actually influence or educate that student. It is of utmost important that discipline be maintained in a healthy and constructive classroom.