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How Teachers Can Increase Their Confidence In the ClassroomPublic-speaking is a task all of us have to go through at some point of our lives, whether it?s an elementary school spelling bee, to a high school student council speech or to speaking at a meeting to colleagues at some point in your career. For some people public-speaking may be only necessary every once in a while, and for others public-speaking is what their whole career depends upon. One example of a career dependent on public-speaking is a teacher. Being a teacher means being able to do the daunting task of speaking in front of a group of people every single day, and that is why it is so important for teachers to be confident in the classroom. Speaking in public can be a very daunting task, and teachers are expected to be able to deliver a lesson without going through the physical symptoms of nervousness such as sweating, shaking or even amnesia. There are many tips on how to get over the nervousness caused by public-speaking, however the most important ways to get rid of nervousness and increase confidence in the classroom revolve around classroom management, method of teaching and respect for each student as an individual. Firstly, classroom management and preparation are important. Much like being well prepared for an exam, being well prepared to teach a lesson will lessen nervousness. A good lesson plan will give a purpose and focus to each lesson, making sure that the students will be doing something in every minute of the lesson. This will not only keep the students from feeling bored, but will also give the teacher a sense of accomplishment seeing their students having the same sense of accomplishment, which results in boosting the teacher?s confidence. The teacher?s method of teaching also largely affects the teacher?s confidence. Methods of teaching can include different classroom activities and the tone and pace of the teacher?s speech. Different classroom icebreaker activities, such as various fun group games, can help boost the confidence in the classroom and also act as a good warm up for first time lessons with a new class. It gives the classroom a more friendly and inviting feel, and also establishes a better student-teacher relationship. The way the teacher talks should also be slow and loud, which shows the students that the teacher is confident and knows what he or she is doing. The teacher is reflected in his or her students, and if the teacher projects a confident vibe then the students will received the same kind of confidence,, creating overall confidence in the classroom therefore maximizing learning potential. Lastly, respect. People are more confident around whom they see as their friends, and establishing a good relationship between teacher and student will lead to less nervousness and more confidence in classroom discussions. Teachers should respect children like they would their friends, and have in mind that they can learn as much from their students as the students can from them. In conclusion, through good classroom management, acquiring learned teaching skills, which include good methods of teaching and respect, teachers can increase their confidence in the classroom.