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Teaching Styles Every student has experienced a good and bad teacher. This could vary due to a teacher?s boring activities or explanations to their difference in grading. The teachers may not see the problem and do not know that the students do not enjoy their classes. On the other hand, students have come to enjoy a specific teacher because of their energy and style of teaching. A student enjoys it when a teacher creates an exciting learning environment through fun activities and games. The students may not realize that the teacher does not always instruct the class. They allow the students to run the class. The teachers merely guide and nurture the students so that they are motivated and interested during the lesson. The differences in teacher involvement can change the dynamics of the class. Some teachers are very involved in the class and some teachers just guide the students in their studies. Either the teachers have a firm handle in the students? education or they are flexible and the students learn through their interests. The involvement of the teacher in a class can be defined as teaching styles. There are four different teaching styles: formal authority, demonstrator, facilitator, and a delegator. A teacher that uses the formal authority teaching style has a defined knowledge and skill that the students need. The expert teacher usually lectures the class by speaking, reading from his/her notes, or using a PowerPoint presentation. The teacher relays the information to the students, who receive it. The students do not participate in class. All of the information presented is fact, so it will not be discussed or critically discussed. A teacher that uses the demonstrator style teaches the class by example. They show the students how to complete the task and the students watch and take part in the lesson. The teacher demonstrates what they want completed, the students observe and then participate. The teacher shows where they found the information by citing the source. The students can delve deeper into the information in process if they would like to challenge themselves. A teacher that uses the facilitator style usually has the students work in pairs or groups. The teacher facilitates or watches the groups to make sure that they complete their tasks in the lesson. The teacher makes the lesson centered on the students, so they work together to solve problems and to make their own discoveries. The facilitating teacher helps, guides and motivates the students to achieve their goals. A teacher that uses the delegator style has the students work independently in class. The teacher doesn?t teach the students or have them work in groups. They merely guide and help the students to complete tasks and achieve goals. The teacher is available for questions and if the students need help. The students are responsible for their own grades and progression in class by working independently on tasks. The students have control of the class while the teacher advises when needed. The difference between the styles can be shown through an exercise class. A physical education teacher using the formal authority teaching style can use class time to discuss the importance of weight lifting. If the teacher used the demonstrator style in class, they would show the students how to lift weights and in the proper way. The students will ask questions and the teacher will show the correct way to lift. Show the incorrect ways to life weights and how to correct the errors. A teacher using the facilitator style will put the students in groups and have them come up with three different lifting techniques for the class. Finally, a teacher using the delegating style will have the students come back to the next lesson with their own lifting technique/exercise and then share it with the class. Every teacher uses a different style on how to teach students. The teachers? techniques and preferences may differ from one another, but they choose their specific style because it works in the classroom.