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Games in the classroomThe first thing that people think about when they hear games is fun. Since we are adults, we consider games as an activity to entertain ourselves, enjoy free time and even compete with our friends. Games may be used to improve students??knowledge of words and expressions but it is necessary to conduct them in a way that leads to the practice of communication. Games are fun way to students (and for teachers!) to learn the english language without them being aware of the fact that they are studying. They help motivate the students, and establish rapport between teacher and student, and student to student. Through games students experiment, discover and interact with their environment. Games are very effective in engage phase and activate phase. Games can make your lesson planning easier. Once you have played the games a few times and feel comfortable with them, you will be able to insert them into your programme with very little preparation, especially if you have made materials which can be used more than once. A game must be more than just fun. Of course all language games should be fun, but always keep the language component at the forefront of your planning. Before choosing a game, you should also consider safety. Is the space big enough for a lively movement game? Can the children fall and injure themselves? The students must know their boundaries and respect your authority. If a class is particularly unruly you should consider leaving out activities which could lead to pushing or throwing objects. It is important to know what types of game are available in order to plan a lesson plan with a balanced rhythm. There are many different types of games: card games, board games, movement games, games with music, role-play games, drawing games, guessing games, team game, and singing and chanting game. Before a game begins, teachers should demonstrate it so that all of the students can understand it. Games are activities that students enjoy. Example of Games Students Like - Slap Game Aim: Increase and reinforce vocabulary - Go Fish Aim: Practicing Expression - Bingo Aim: Reinforcing vocabulary - Interview Game Aim: Reinforcing simple conversational expressions - Role- play Aim: Learning english for a particular situations. - Plays/ Skits Aim: For the students to express themselves in english. Therefore, it is important to create activities that are compatible with the students natural progress of comprehension. It is important that games do not overburden students, so that they can be more interested and fully involved. As students reach higher grade levels and begin to play in a more active fashion, games that give ample exposure to basic english ? games that involve racing or competition, games in which for example cards have been enlarged and the activity is more dynamic - will allow students to become familiar with the sound of english in a natural way. Children are differ from one another, some are active while others are quiet, some like to play, and others like to talk. Each class will differ. In some classes, all of the students become involved in the same game and in others they do not. It is not sufficient for students to simply play games, they must have a lot of fun while using the english language. Playing games are practically effortless especially for the children. Why? Learners will quickly and easily learn how to pronounce english words correctly. Learners will learn how to use the vocabulary not just memorize them. Learners will learn the rules of grammar automatically without memorizing the rules. Learners will develop the confidence to speak english in social surroundings without hesitation wand without being embarrassed. There is nothing more rewarding for a teacher seeing their students smile and laugh while they learn.