Teach English in Hongshunli Jiedao - Tianjin

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online tefl courses vs Onsite TEFL coursesI think the possibility of undertaking an online or onsite TEFL course poses several advantages and disadvantages in each option and in this article I will look at these. One of the great things about attending an onsite course is that you get to be in a class amongst fellow students, all having various backgrounds and experiences but for the moment sharing the same learning journey. A classroom can be lively, buzzing and motivating, something to look forward to. Not only this, but students can benefit from having a relationship and receiving guidance from the course tutor. Students may decide to work together to complete homework outside of the classroom and new friendships can be formed. Students will also gain the opportunity to practice their teaching skills in the classroom before having to use them in a classroom of their own. The problem with taking up a course onsite may be finding one in an easily accessible location and at timings which fit into the students? lives. This can be a major downside. Students who are absent from a class may miss out on vital information and will need to catch up either from other students or directly from the tutor. With online courses the benefits are that students are able to work through the course at their own pace and in their own time. It can be done from the comfort of their homes and made to fit around the students? lives. This is a major advantage for people who work or have children and cannot make it to a course centre or college or find childcare. Although students may not personally meet their tutor, if they have chosen to have one, they can still have work reviewed and receive advice and answers to any questions they may have. The cost of taking an online tefl course is reasonable and often cheaper than attending an onsite course, and the options over which course to take are comprehensive. The main disadvantage with online TEFL courses is motivation! Some students need to be in that classroom environment in order to get that drive and focus, and certainly it is easy to become distracted at home by chores, television and children. Living with family or friends may also mean there is little opportunity to enjoy the essential ?quiet time? needed to focus and produce good work, and if the computer or laptop is shared it may even be difficult to get a turn to use it. It may also feel lonesome working on the course alone without having somebody taking the same course with you. My personal opinion is that taking an onsite course is a better option for students who feel that they need the classroom environment to keep focus and regularity, and for those who feel that they need more presence of the tutor for reassurance and support. For those who cannot make the timings of a course centre or live too far away or perhaps come from a teaching background already, then I would definitely recommend an online course. I chose an online course myself for these very same reasons and have enjoyed the freedom, flexibility and control it has given me. Whichever learning process people decide and feel is right for them, is only possible due to this choice. And I am certainly very glad this choice is available.