Teach English in Gulou Jiedao - Tianjin

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Classroom ManagementManaging a class effectively can be one of the most important skills needed to be a successful teacher. For students the teacher should be a symbol of confidents, confident that the teacher understands them and confident that they can learn from the teacher. Classroom management has many components that when all working together the classroom will be a relaxed, friendly yet disciplined environment. There are several things that teachers need to do the right amount of when teaching. One of these is as simple as eye contact. The right amount of eye contact can help make the students feel comfortable. Too little or much eye contact can have an effect on the lesson. The teacher?s voice is one of their most essential tools in a classroom. The clarity and projection of a teachers voice needs to be precise. If the teacher is mumbling students will have trouble understanding what is being said likewise if the teacher is not projecting their voice enough in a large room students up the back may not hear. The teacher must be careful though not to shout, this could intimidate the students and they will not feel comfortable contributing in the lesson. There should be a balanced mix during a lesson of individual and group work. Individual work can allow the teacher to monitor the progress and needs of each student. Group work will increase the amount of student talk time which is what you want the students to be doing as much of as possible. Small groups can be monitored easier than larger groups which helps the teacher to still maintain control of the class without them having to be the focus of the lesson. The position of the teacher in the classroom is important. All the student need to be able to see and hear the teacher easily. The teacher should be facing the class so they can easily answer and questions the students may have. Using the board as a tool in the class is invaluable. Again all students need to be able see it and more importantly read it clearly so the teacher needs to stay on top of it, keeping only relevant information neatly written on it so the students can use it as a reference if needed. When teaching it is important that certain students don?t receive all the attention, of course there will be students who may struggle but you must be aware of everyone in the class. Children pick up very quickly on favouritism. Teachers do not want to spend the whole lesson in front of the class barking instructions. This will become very boring for the students and they will lose motivation to participate. There needs to be a balance of teacher talking time and student talking time. After all the students are here to learn how to speak english. The teacher should do most of their speaking when giving instructions and when teaching new language. During this time the teacher needs to be considerate of a few things. They must use language the students will understand, when giving instructions they should be kept basic and to ensure that the students have understood what they are to do the teacher should always check the instructions this can be done by asking the students to repeat them to the teacher. Student talk time should be a large part of the lesson, even when they are completing worksheets they can do them in pairs and work together. In order to create the ideal teaching environment the teacher needs to build a good rapport with the class. If the students like the teacher, they will like learning. The teacher must be mindful of the rapport with the students themselves. Being aware of who gets along with who. Getting to know a little about all of the students and you telling them about yourself will allow you to be able to relate to them in certain ways for example if you like the same sports, movies, music etc. This can also lend itself to the actual learning because the teacher will be able to introduce activities that the students are interested in and can have fun with.