Teach English in Fengtai Zhen - Tianjin

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english as the Global LanguageAs native speakers of english, we are in a privileged position in the international community. The reach & universality of english is unmatched by any other language anywhere on earth, & as custodians of this language & particularly teachers of it, we have a responsibility to be good ambassadors for the language & the countries from which we originate. While there are languages with more native speakers(Mandarin chinese has more than three times the number & spanish, has a few more or a few less, depending on the source you consult), no other language has near the number of people who use it as a second or third language, or crucially the level of global penetration that english has. From tiny, isolated Pacific atolls to closed, hermit states like North Korea, english is learned, because it is the most used intermediary language in the world. A chinese businessman will discuss a deal with his Portuguese colleague using english. This gives english a unique position in the newly formed, globalized world that affords us, as native speakers of it, a career opportunity that can be exciting & rewarding. english?s dominance can be seen in many facets of the modern world. All but one of the top 20 QS ranked universities in the world in 2011 were in english speaking countries. Also more than half of the world?s scientific journals are published in english. This gives english pre-dominance in the world of higher education. In aviation, the industry is principally conducted in english, including all air traffic control. It is also the most universal language at the world?s airports. No other language has near the reach in the world of entertainment of english, Hollywood?s offerings are enjoyed all over the world & as yesterday?s ?Oscars? showed if you want to make a successful foreign language film, you best make it silent! Large international diplomatic organizations like the United Nations, while maintaining six ?official languages? in the interests of appeasement, have its top ranking officials like the Secretary General use english for important announcements & speeches. english is seen as an important tool for upward social mobility in many parts of the non-english speaking world, meaning the demand for teachers to teach it, at every level is strong. Having lived in Asia & seen firsthand the blood, sweat & tears many students go through, not only to learn english but also to go to english speaking countries to refine their skills, it seems only right that we, as teachers of it approach our task with professionalism & sincerity. I think it is important that we see this opportunity as a privilege & not a birth right. We have the ability, just by a fluke of where we are born, to communicate to some degree with about half of humanity & also travel to interesting places & make a good living, all while having a cultural experience. This is not available to young people from Asia or South America, so I believe, we should be truly grateful for it. While it can be argued that the relevance of english may be on the wane, with the rise of huge non english speaking countries, I would counter that because of some of the reasons stated here that its significance is deeply ingrained & not about to be challenged in the foreseeable future. Having said this, it is equally important that we as speakers & particularly teachers of english don?t take our privileged position in this global language order for granted. We should enthusiastically help those who care enough to learn our language to reach their goals.