Teach English in Donghai Jiedao - Tianjin

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TELF for non-native english Speaking TeachersI grew up in a country where english is a part of daily life. If you go to schools, subjects are being taught in english language, in offices it is the second language, and in streets you will hear people using both the native and english language. Then I thought about the other countries wherein most people do not know how to speak using english language. How will they appreciate full the literary pieces such as books, poems, music and other without understanding its whole meaning? How are they going to communicate to the outside world in which english is the dominant language being used. One day I heard my office colleague talking about TESOL, I started to search about it and found out about teaching english as a secondary language for non-native speaker. It enlightened me and reminded me of two things, first english for non-speaker and my desire to teach. As a half-japanese my countrymen came into my mind. Most of them do not know that much about english language. I grew up in Manila so thus I know how to speak the language but how about those in japan? It would be a great thing if they will also learn the language as someday they might think about studying or working in another country, or simply just to take a vacation. And then I thought of sharing to them my knowledge in english, it would be delighting thing to do. And so as before, when I was in college I taught about taking a course on Teaching as I highly respect and love it. Well destiny gave me to another path to take and so as my dream to become a teacher. I taught that I would never have another chance to make it come true until I learned about TESOL; this is the chance for me to make it come true. In taking TESOL, one of the things that trouble me is that I am not a native english speaker. Will I able to make it? Do I have the ability to teach english? The second is that it is an on-line course; you?ll not experience the normal things you will in an actual School. But still I tried it. When I received the first unit, I was so delighted. One thing I could say is that I really like the way the lesson was presented. It is clear, simple and yet you will learn a lot. When I?m about to do my first worksheet it took me some time to answer it. Why? Because each answer I thought made me realize more the importance of the subject course as being a teacher. And as I went to the next lessons, as much deeper knowledge I gained about grammar, tenses, sentence structure and other. But that?s just not it, the way they presented the lessons on how to become an effective english teacher is really great. The tips and ways they give will really fits for a teacher. What much more I appreciate when I?m taking the course is the friendly way it was delivered which will make it easier to absorb the lessons. The whole experience is really superb, it will not just give you knowledge on teaching english but it will also develop your confidence and serves a big help in your future career as a teacher of english Language.