Teach English in DazhAngzhuAng Zhen - Tianjin

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Teaching grammarGrammar is one of the most difficult aspects of language to teach. The ability to speak and write english well can help in your everyday life. Grammar is what holds the written language together in a way that makes it intelligible. It is, essential for effective communication. The proper use of grammar means a person is well learned. The improper use of grammar can means a person is not well read and lacks proper education. The misuse use of grammar e.g. verb, noun and plural makes it difficult to understand any communication. There are wide varieties of problems that improper grammar can cause such as: miscommunication, if your communication lacks the proper grammar miscommunication can occur or in some cases the person you are trying to communicate with will ignore the communication deeming it not worthy of their time. Lack of job opportunities, employers often ask potential employee to have the ability to speak and write effectively. It can be offensive, some find the use of improper grammar such as slang offensive and in business it can even cause loss of revenues as potential clients will be turned off. Improper grammar should not be encouraged in any setting whether social or business although in social setting informal language is more often used due to people feeling relaxed and comfortable. To ensure that you are understood, knowledge of proper grammar is essential. Both language teachers and learners often find it frustrating in knowing the rules of grammar and being able to apply it in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Grammar is a set of rules that allows the language to function as a medium for communication. In grammar the use of complete sentences is essential, a complete sentence consist of a noun, a verb and a complete thought. It is also important to use personal pronoun correctly and punctuate helps compound sentence correctly. Here are some ways to teach grammar: - The first step to effectively teach good grammar is using it correctly. A teacher has to actively show students correct usage and form. - A teacher also has to encourage students to listen and look for mistakes in speech and writing. - Teach basic principles and most common grammar rules. - Practice: hands on experience and practice are best for students when they are learning grammar rules. - Variety in grammar and activity (worksheets, listening exercise and reviews) is necessary. Students need to experience all different types of work to learn grammar successfully. - Teacher should focus on one rule at a time and not overwhelm the student by teaching them too much at a time they are unlikely to retain the information. - Make sure students understand the rule before moving on to the next. - Always start with the most basic and simple rules. Other ways that teachers can help students learn grammar is by encouraging them to read grammar books found in libraries or bookstores. Reading magazines, books, newspapers, and listening to radio or watching TV gives a daily lesson on how english grammar is used. Help them create and record their own grammar this helps to put what they have learned into practice. And finally, grammar learning websites are useful but only those that are authenticated. All these resources are contingent only if students have access to the resources. Learning the ins and outs of english grammar is not much fun, but showing students the why and how, the grammar point is important in daily life will help them learn it. Showing them how it is used in their everyday life encourages them to learn the structure. Eventually it becomes a natural part of their speech.