Teach English in Youxi Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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I have learned a lot already through my twelve years of teaching English (when it comes to pronunciation) However there were a lot of new concepts here which will help add on to my experience and knowledge. I have never become familiar with the phonemic chart before. When I looked at it, I always felt rather scared of it. Today, with the exercises I got to practice reading sentences using the phonemic chart. Intonation is a difficult skill to teach students. Drawing a diagram will help them understand how the tone and pitch changes in a sentence. Using a variety of sentences can show students the feeling, emotions, and other meanings to the sentence by varying my intonation patter. Stress is another skill that is a part of pronunciation. This is a common mistake made when saying words. The word that we choose to stress on can change what we feel is most important in a sentence and that conveys different meaning as well. Clapping your hands to show the stress will help them understand which words or part of a word is stressed. When it comes to pronunciation there are different articulators which are used. Understanding the articulators and the mouth movements helps to teach pronunciation correctly. Sounds are grouped according to these articulators. For example the palatal which uses the tongue on the top of the mouth. Or the nasal sounds which employ the nose mostly like the M N sounds. All of these takes practice to be able to show students but most of all they have the teacher to demonstrate the sound correctly.