Teach English in WushAn Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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Beginners come in many different forms and teachers have to be able to rise to the challenge of teachers these different groups. This is one area that I'm familiar with due to my experience as a piano teacher, which also tends to have students ranging in age from four to sixty. Each group has different motivations that must be handled in order to give them the best learning experience. Young children often are only motivated to learn English to please the teacher or their parents, so they will usually take the path of least resistance. If you speak in their native language, they will learn that if they wait long enough, they don't have to learn English because they'll hear it in their native tongue soon after. So, giving children little choice but to communicate in English is more important that when teaching adults. We also have to take on a parental role with children, giving them appropriate amounts of attention and encouragement to keep them motivated. Business and one-on-one classes are usually comprised of adult learners. While these students are usually more motivated, they are often busier, too, and may not have much energy for class. And while many adult learners only want to focus on conversational skills, we as teachers have to give our students a balance of what they want and what they need. So while a lesson could be mostly comprised of conversational practice, some vocabulary development based on themes or topics can be very helpful for progress. The needs of every student have to be considered when designing lesson plans.