Teach English in Wenshao Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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This unit covered teaching special groups, such as beginners, individuals, children, business English students, and multilingual groups. It was new for me to learn that you should not use the students' native language, even with beginners and children. There are different levels of beginners, but with all it is important to be clear and simple, use choral repetition, and give homework. Teaching individuals in a one-to-one setting is advantageous, because the teacher can truly address that student's specific needs and interests. A needs analysis is essential and it is important to include not only what they think they need, but what you see they need to learn as well. Teaching children is what I am most used to, actually, but some key ideas are to be prepared to be silly, use repetition, and include games. Teaching children also does require more classroom and behavior management skills. Teaching in the business world does not need to be intimidating, because it is practical English the students need, not more knowledge about business. It is important to assess the needs identified by the students, as well as the company they work for. Some challenges with teaching this group are: they are often tired from a long day at work, not everyone is motivated, and attendance can be sporadic. The multilingual class is the only type of teaching situation with adults that I have been exposed to, and it does have the advantage of English being the students' only common language and creates a lot of interesting opportunity for the sharing of cultures.