Teach English in SAnxi Zhen - Shaoguan Shi

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Unit 17 concerned teaching equipment. Resources often available in classroom and study centers include a black/white board, audio player, course books, visual aids, worksheets, dictionaries and many other items as well. Boards are a common way for teachers to hold the student?s attention and common for vocabulary, grammar and language points. It is important for the teacher to ensure that only essential information is written on the board and that it is well planned and correct. Interactive whiteboards are more common, as are computers now. IWB and computers require that a teacher be thoroughly versed in their use to be effective and prevent complications. Technology can also fail, so it is important to always have a backup plan when using technical equipment. Worksheets and visual aids are also very common, and can be produced by the teacher or supplied by the school or other resources. Visual aids can help demonstrate and elicit the students. They can help give meaning to a language point. Worksheets help especially in the study phase. Dictionaries can be a great resource here as well, and should be appropriate for the students. No matter which teaching equipment a teacher decides to use, it should be well planned and targeted for effectiveness. A teacher should vary what materials they use and their presentation to help keep the classroom from being predictable and boring. Comfortability with the materials is a must, as any difficulties with the materials in class takes away from the classroom time and distracts from the lesson.