Teach English in Meitian - Shaoguan Shi

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This unit dealt primarily with the wide array of classroom theories, delving deepest into the ESA theory being studied in this course. ESA stands for Engage, Study, Activate and is regarded currently as the most effective language teaching method. In any given class period a teacher will start with an engagement activity to spark students interest, and help students warm up to the language they are learning. The engage stage also gives the teacher insight about the language abilities of the students and certain common errors or mistakes being made that can be corrected in later stages. Activities in the engage stage could be alphabet games, song singing, math games, anagrams, etc. Next is the Study stage, or the normal teaching stage, where the teacher will introduce the new language concept and allow students to practice in a controlled manner through drilling, worksheets, etc. Lots of examples should be provided, and correction can happen at this stage (but try to make it self-correction or student-correction as much as possible), and teachers should praise students. Finally is the Activate stage where students can practice their language skills in a creative manner through roleplays or other activities that simulate real language use. These three stages can be used in a wide variety of orders, so long as the lesson begins with engagement and ends with activation (such as straight arrow, boomerang, or patchwork). This unit also provides excellent examples of activities for each stage, methods of correction, and overall teaching guidance for the classroom.