Teach English in Yanhong Zhen - Shantou Shi

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In this unit, I have learned about different theories and methods for promoting language acquisition and have studied how to best structure lesson plans so that students are fully engaged in class and given opportunity to apply their newly acquired (as well as previously learned) vocabulary and grammar points. As the ESA (Engage-Study-Activate) methodology is the most practical tool for a beginning teacher like myself to use when creating lesson plans, I have studied the various structures of ESA lessons and considered the benefits and detriments of employing different combinations of ESA activities. For students with low or beginning level English language ability, employing a straight arrow structure in my lesson plans would be the most beneficial way to promote acquisition of the lesson's vocabulary and/or grammar points. Creating a boomerang ESA lesson plan may be more useful for higher level students, as the more complex structure allows for anticipating what students will have difficulty with in the first activate stage and then providing resources to help students with the anticipated difficulties in the subsequent study phase. Creating a patchwork ESA lesson is beneficial in that it allows for creating smaller sequences of engaging, studying, and activating that culminate in a final stage of activation and also achieves a more even balance between study and activate phases. I also learned about different techniques for correction and how to determine whether correcting students myself, allowing students to correct themselves, or having students' peers correct them will be most appropriate depending on the situation.