Teach English in Xilu Zhen - Shantou Shi

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Grammer is something that comes naturally to every native speaker. They can speak freely and don't have to worry about it. Anyone who learns a new language will not have this luxury. As a teacher, it is very important to be able to explain the rules of grammar to students very clearly so that there is no confusion. With the rules in mind, the student will be able to slowly combine words to make complete sentences. In this unit, I learned about the different parts of a sentence. I already knew all of the parts of speech before reading this course you know the noun, verb, adjective, adverb, article, subject, object, and preposition, but the unit reinforced what I already knew. The most useful information in this unit is all of the general rules that can be applied to almost every sentence. For example, we use the article a before a consonant. and the article an before a vowel. For example, an old man -- or a man. There are many other helpful rules I will list some of most useful and easy to remember ones. to create the plural form of noun(s) we add S. You use the article A only before things that are countable. (an apple, a cat) Generally, adjectives must be used in a particular order: Size -- Age -- Color -- Material -- Comparative (+er) Superlative (+est) with 2 syllables or less otherwise use the more -- than / most. You can form adverbs by adding (+ly) they are usually used in the order of place-manner-time. I still need to learn more about the four verb forms. base form - simple past - participle - present participle. I will save this unit and probably print it out and keep it with me while I teach me students.