Teach English in XiAncheng Zhen - Shantou Shi

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Assessments are excellent ways for teachers and schools to gauge the levels of students and to determine whether they have progressed. There are a number of types of assessments that might be used for various purposes. A placement exam is generally given to students before enrolling in a course in order to classify students into different skill levels and determine which course is best suited to their prior knowledge. A diagnostic exam is similar, but will occur within a particular course -- or even within a particular unit -- in order to determine specifically what students already know before beginning the lessons. Essentially, this is similar to a pre-test. A progress test might be given at the end of a course of study, or periodically throughout. This type of assessment is used to ensure that students have acquired and retained the material that has been covered. Depending on the school's or the teacher's preferences, these may take the form of shorter and more frequent quizzes, or lengthier and less frequent exams. Next, there are external exams, which are usually for the purposes of proving one's proficiency in the language in order to work or study in a country that speaks the language. This type of exam is generally NOT given in a language school, but rather elsewhere by a third-party organization, such as Cambridge Assessment. In order to prepare for this type of exam, students may require practice exams so that they will have experience in completing tasks similar to those they will encounter on the real exam, and so that they will be able to gauge their own progress towards the ultimate goal of passing the external exam.