Teach English in Longxiang Jiedao - Shantou Shi

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A Lesson Plan can be simple notes or a detailed log that helps you map out your teaching strategies in a time frame that allows your students to accomplish set goals. Although a more structured plan is advantageous to a new and inexperienced teacher it shouldn't be scripted or so rigid that it hampers flexibility in teaching the lesson. The Lesson Plan is basically a course guideline and can be used as a reference. It's also a record that keeps track of prior lessons; this can be useful to a covering teacher that has to pick up where you left off in class. It is important to be organized and prepared for class. These are some of the criteria that's recommended when writing a Lesson Plan: LEARNER OBJECTIVES are what your students should have learned by the end of the lesson. PERSONAL AIMS are what you can do to improve your teaching skills. LANGUAGE POINT is the theme of the lesson and how it fits with your past and future lessons. TEACHING AIDS are materials and props. ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS, think of expected trouble areas and have their solutions. PROCEDURES are the activities you will use. PHASE is the stage of the ESA method. TIMING is how much time you want to devote to a learning activity. Timing is difficult to gauge. INTERACTION refers to whether it's teacher with student (T-S), student with student (S-S) or students working alone. CLASS LEVEL is the students' language level. Class size, date and time, and teacher's and observer's names are self-explanatory. A self-evaluation form is useful because it helps you determine how effective you were in meeting your learner objectives and how you might balance or improve your teaching skills.