Teach English in Zhenru Zhen Jiedao - Shanghai Shi

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Motivation in the classroomStudent motivation can be influenced by the external and internal factors. The teacher, fellow students, and how the lessons are laid out can all effect the motivation of the students. Their motivation will be a determining factor in whether or not the students learn and retain the information in the class. It is important first to understand that not all students are motivated by the same thing. Some students may be in the class because the want to learn english for a job or upcoming trip. Others may be there because their parents are making them go. If a student wants to be there, it is going to be a lot easier to get them excited about the lesson. Just having a positive attitude my be enough for those students. However, if they are being forced to come to class, it may take more from the teacher to get those students interested in the class. Perhaps a fun game or activity to get them excited. Also understanding what the students are interested in may help in relating the lessons to their hobbies or likes. External variables can make even a motivated student unmotivated. It is important the the lessons and the way they are taught are set up in a way to promote motivation. Instructions should be relevant and challenging to the students level. If the instructions are to far advanced or are just unclear, a student may become discouraged quickly and not want to get involved. In a group setting, some students may pair up easily but if a student is left by themselves or with a partner that they do not want to work with, they may lose their motivation. Internal factors can include a students own abilities to learn, their interests, and whether or not they believe they can learn the information. Some students may inherently be slower learners than the others. This may make them feel insecure and reluctant to raise their hand or ask questions when they don't understand something. It is important as a teacher to recognize what the students think their own abilities and limitations are. Does the student believe in themselves? That from hard work they can learn any task put in front of them? Or is it just random guessing that gets them the correct answers? It is important to instill the belief that they are in control of how much they can learn. The students ability to learn will be shaped by the responses that the teachers give them. Positive motivation can be influenced through having a patient and caring learning environment or classroom. By setting realistic goals, challenging yet achievable, students can learn to believe in themselves. Apply the lessons to real world situations. The students will then see how useful the information is that they are learning. Explain to the students that a real understanding will come through persistence and a willingness to overcome challenging tasks. Lastly, reward the students with positive enforcement. If they only learn because they are afraid if they don't they will get in trouble, they will probably just do the bare minimum.